Monday, November 7, 2011

More Rampart

Condition report: Thanks Matty, Gordon and Milroy for making the call (I actually don't know who got it started)- Those wanting advanced warning should have picked up my tweet just after I heard rumblings at 9 or 10 Sunday morning. - I don't tweet everything but if you follow me @ewpg you will get heads up on some great flying. - We met up at the Gold Creek bridge around 12:30 and rocked to launch to find two hangs set up and just about ready to go. (Tom and Brian) - Some snow on road but no problems whatsoever for any rig that can make the run when it is clear.

Cycles were coming in west when we got to launch so I made a "rapid" departure following two botched launch attempts. The first Hang just couldn't quite scratch it out. (ten minutes too early, I figure) - I found lift very light early and with aggressive efforts, gain 20, loose 10ft. for the first 15 min to 25 min I was able to push back to the base of the ridge proper and up to about 5,000ft. From that point on it was nothing but lift in all the right places. Dave M and Matty beat me to the top of the ridge and then booked for the West side of the valley for one of several circuits.

By the time I made it back out to 1/2 way between launch and ALTA all 6 bags were making their appearance in the air, Heather, Gordon, Matty, Dave, Dave and Jeff and me (Dave), 3 Daves, what's with that, a very fine crew and everyone got as much cold as they wanted. I flew about until I had to come down due to an appointment back in Yakima at 6:00. Everyone could have flown easy an extra hour or so. We flew back in to ALTA and I think everyone busted 6k or better, I didn't get very high at ALTA, when I went back the valley was shady which kept things quiet until it opened up later. - The video is at about 1 hour into my flight. Boy do I love my mits. -

Bottom line, Cold, Beautiful, Lifty to Base at 6,500 or better. - Wisppys, Smooth and fun. - All bags landed at the bridge to the best of my knowledge.

Video is around 3 min, unedited and simply to provide a condition report