Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baldy spring begins

Eastern Washington has turned on. The season is here. - Mer, Dave and others have been rocking it. - Monday Tue and Wed. No question Wheels took the ring.:
Not that anyone is watching.
Today we had a crew of 4 with two support at Baldy and at least 2 or 3 at Chelan Wednesday. - Top of lift 10,500 at Chelan and 8,500 or better off Baldy.

 At Baldy I launched at quarter to 2 and found very disorganized thermals to 4,500. It was so challenging to find a clean climb that I pushed to the N lz hopping for clean climb but found nothing and had to go for a re-launch. By then Jeff Speer, Conrad, and Frank were in route. - One at Menastash, one at the Boylstons and one pushing toward Quincy. Nice flight Frank. 

I tried a N line and pinched out on the NE tip of the Pocket.
Nice flight and all - good day had by all - - A little video as a flight/conditions report: 4.5 minutes for two 360s. I know you should make them in 16 seconds, but....  well you will see: