Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick note - 1:11am - Othello and beyond

Super big thanks to Frank and Chris for driving out to pick me up. It is a great feeling knowing friends are on their way even before you land. Kudos gentlemen
Yesterday was a great day to fly if you got into the air and away from the hill early. - Luck had it that I did and it was amazing. = After my quick exit the winds died on the hill and the snow began to fall messing with the minds and plans of the whole crew.

Well I don't know for sure about minds being messed with but I am certain it messed up the plans. Anyway, the thumbnail is: 6hrs 40min and 130km (81 miles for our friends in Rio Linda.) Leo gave me 149km xc miles with all the turns and such. - 6714H was open helping me get to Ryegrass. You will see I needed all the help I could get on that transition. (see video)

I had a supper lucky save during landing set-up at the Windmills. Near froze to death with temps around 8 degree at max altitude adding wind chill figure -12 on glide leaving the top of lift or at some points just cruising the cloud base. I stayed clear of clouds - never even whispied but definitely based it several times near 9,000ft.

- I will post a blow by blow in a day or two but for the immediate satisfaction of the curious here is the track log and a fun video of the windmills close up.

Once again I would never have been able to fly the route without Dr. Wheeler's wonder map for Garmin keeping me clear of the fireing center air space. Easly 30 feet to spare. Thanks David. -

My Flight on Leo
Off to bed now

Friday, April 8, 2011

Good early Spring day

Amazing Day - Lots lots lots of CU - OD to the west. - tricky to get off Saddle together- most of the crew was 45 min or so after my launch - I got off in an early lull. - But they caught up. - Thermals reported by everyone - very skinny snake like - hard to stay with them - seldom to base then look for another one. - Lots of good pilots were dusted early with a massive sky. -

That was a key challenge and why Conrad's flight was so special - It was very tricky flying - Steve P. took an aggressive pitch and ended up ridge soaring the hills due south of the Dam, - top landing twice in a valiant effort to repeat his Vol Bivi exploits in Nepal. - (unsuccessful)

We all found it almost impossible to make it to base - some lift was screaming, some gentle - I had one full on waterfall 4 k over launch. - Just a great day - On retrieve Randy picked me and Steve TBo up in a chase effort to catch Conrad - we caught him in south Sunnyside and chased the afternoon away all the way to OR. -

Steve P had nice maps in his Big Rig that allowed us to assist as the big C slid into home, just inside legal air space. - Three great low saves - we watched two of them - He can tell the rest

The XC season is off and Running - Until Conrad posts I get to hold his first place cup. - But he IS in the lead - Make sure you post all your flights - top 6 per pilot per month all season long - Build a pile-o-points and see where you end up. If your not on Leonardo then sign up, it is free - If you need help figuring out how to post flights give me a ring and I can help. - If you post flights to LEO but don't find your flights as part of league please e-mail me your leonardo pilots name and I will add you to the NW league List - Remember only US flights count - A part of any flight must be at some point in US Airspace to count.

Last Year's Final Standings:
All the best - Great Crew today and great assist from ground spotter who helped with retrieve. Thanks

Conrad may be home late.

Sorry about the 911 from Steve - don't know what happened but it was distracting in the air and at least one local responder left a note that they were looking. - Don't know the story but would love to hear it.