Monday, October 12, 2009

Doing the Windows

Sunday at Saddle was an example of a mini window.
XCSkies put ENE on the table and light - With cold air in from the North heating would kick off mini thermals with hard edges and for just a little while. If figured 1:00 to 2:00 would be the best of it if at all.
Doc called me at about 12:10 and I was already on my way. - We yaked it up and finaly decided Saddle was the best shot as Kiona was blown.
On launch were 12 or so Bags and a hang. I saw dust rising from the LZ and that was all I needed to throw in. With Bob and Doc and others if figured at my back for a ride up. So I was off in search of the baby T lift. Out we went - Jeff the Hang beat me off but just by a minute or so, I don't think I was on launch more than 5 min before I was in the air.
The sled to way way cross the road was not hopeful as Jeff didn't realy find anything much searching where we both new it should be. I went further west and was a bit above him in 0's as we continued out in broad circles looking and sniffing then as I moved to where he was scratching it began to come together.
Finaly we were both climbing well and topped at about 3700 or so. - He went a bit higher.
Then out of the lift and back down to 2200 or so for a second climb this time topped at 4,000 after CJ and others had gaggled up with us. - At the top I pushed back to the hill and side landed the west hill and Bob picked me up.
Bob and Doc were clear to launch and I went down to pick up the boys in the LZ.
A good day of window spotting and cleaning but just just just enough and just the right time.

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