Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nothing To Do - No Good TV - Watch This

Last January I flew my brains out in Valle De Bravo - So much flying and so little time to process videos and stories.

As the winter sets in and plans to return ramp up I figured I better get something up from last year - soooo. - After watching a long video of a nice Rampart flight I figured I would grab a Valle flight and throw it up and see if anyone watches.

Youtube limits us to 10 minute videos so I split a 85 min video into 9 segments. You should be able to click through them in sequence as their names end in 1 - 9. You may need to click on the YouTube Logo and go to dnorwoodxx videos to see them all.

Hope this works - the first video is almost all on launch - Good memories for those who have flown and an introduction to the gaggle for those who haven't been. - Unfortunately the last 10 minutes of the flight are missing but so goes paravideo efforts.

Enjoy. P.

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