Monday, December 14, 2009


Cold and Dark - The flying window is very narrow these days. - A sledder here an hour there on a cold ridge - keep an eye out for nice light North days.

This is the time to get those projects done - yuck. - Need to repack the reserve - got my new Niviuk toggles from Doug - They are the Bomb.

Already starting to think about packing stratigies for Valle on the 8th of Jan.

I hope to get and take a mini computer so I can upload video and stories from the trip. Let me know if your reading the blog.- It helps me want to write more.


Steve Thibault said...

I read it Dave! Thanks :)
May be heading down your way for a day of ridge soaring if weather permits Dec 18 -22

DocRWS said...

Of course I check your blog!

Thebeav said...

Always a pleasure to read your adventures Dave.
Beav out.

Anonymous said...

I figure reading your blog is kind of like going to church--a little redemption for the wicked, for it is not just angles that have wings!

Keep writing.

--Dave Byrne