Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rat Day 4

Today was a great day to fly. – We had solid lift to cloud base at 6,000 and it was often a challenge to stay clear of the clouds. I left launch first, two seconds after launch open. Early paid off as I was able to climb to full on base and ride it all day long.

We never got low until the last of glide to goal. – Two or three gliders were in front of me as we came near goal. – A bit of sink set us down 2 ridges short of destination.

Now we had to work for the glory. Frank and I found a screamer after about 10 minutes of scratching. – The gap to Goal ridge was lifty and we had tons at goal.

Cold fingers early gave way to warm sun – puffy clouds and 50 points on LEO.

As for the comp check out the results at:


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