Saturday, May 14, 2011


Am I crazy or what? - At age 52 I have finally tipped over the edge of obsession. Never before in all those years have I EVER gone on a diet. - As a kid I was bony thin. - I got married and put on 15 lbs and over the next 30 years added maybe .5lbs of fat and .25 of muscle a year or so till I landed at 240lbs.

At the end of each flying season I am back down to 225 from to the lack of lunch and regular hikes in the heat of the day.

This year is different - I need to be at 225 or 220 at the start of the season so I can fit into my new weight class "L" on the M4. - 120k is top end and at the moment 227lbs I am at 130k all up.

My hope it to be down to 125k for my first flight. - We will see.
All I have done to loose my first 13lbs was to cut out beer, bread, and candy. - LOW Carb ho.

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