Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mini Adventure to Switch Ridge

Always fun to try a new launch. A site near Imbler Oregon was on Doc's bucket list and with high pressure dominating the region, well why not.

We trundled up our wives for retrieve adventures celebrating Doc's Birthday and Gail's and my Anniversary (29 year for both). We hooked up with an old school local hang for a site-O and we committed aviation. Doc got about 35k and I came up 10 short of that. - Nice lift to around 7,500.

A lovely day. - We still have to find a less frustrating launch however. We will be doing this again, the place is just 2 hrs from the Tri-Cities and sets up lovely from NW to SW.

Dreaded T-Boomers were well South - we kept our eye on them Dr W.

(Switch Ridge is the name I gave the launch - Switchy cycles made for a very frustrating launch - fake straight up, then blown launch with a North cycle, then same to the South, then finally straight in again and off into the sky - 4 or 5 wing setups on a hot and steep slope)

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