Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lucky day

Rampart is one of the more challenging sites we fly and when winds are up it is down right dangerous.

I almost always rely on XC Skies ground level wind speeds. They were showing 7 mph, (I double, plus a little, that number for launch wind speed which gave me 14-17 on launch and for Rampart that is a way way no go prognosis) I would ever think to fly based on those number, revising strategy now. - But it was Saturday and Gail was working so with a gaggle of Hangs declaring their intent I figured why not check it out. Part of my reasoning was to build more data points in my own mountain WX synapses.

5 hangs in the end and when I walked up to paralaunch who did I find but Dave M. and Jeff Spear. - Yippee it was a lovely day. Max Altitude: 6060ft.

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