Tuesday, June 25, 2013


No flying - friends abound.

Without question the weather has played her hand with a Royal Flush. There will be no beating her in the showdown. The only wise move is to fold and wait for the next hand. In the mean time as the hand plays out we sit at the table and banter about with good friends, old friends and new friends. It can be a bit much for some but they will go to the hills to hide for a while or retreat to their tents and chill. But after a while a bit of boredom sets in and they reemerge to take sustenance and conversation.

Yesterday I found myself in the Crash Pad space for the first time. A lovely dal energy: flowers and mint, so many birds, humming, song, scavenger. Matt and I  had our mind meld moment for mutual downloads and then moved to the eating. When you are invited to eat Nepalese from the hand of Matt Cone please do not say no or you will miss a wonderful experience. Thanks good friend for the food.
Back home in the Sam and Roxanne's luxury motor home mutual mentoring, story telling and poking fun continues through the morning in anticipation of Tai food for lunch.

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