Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bump Free Zone

After the psychological strain of 3 out of 4 days flying either Baldy or Chelan I needed more mellow air. The total altitude gain for those three flights was over well over 15,000 feet which in my small book was a lot of rocking and rolling. The decompression zone I settled on was Tiger. Always a nice site mid week, not to crazy and after weekend flying maybe others would take Monday off. After a few “work” items I called Randy for a west side weather update and headed for the 2:30 shuttle.

The first flight was uneventful north launch, about 20 minutes when I dipped a bit low after not really getting much above launch. I looked at my watch 500 over and it was 5 minutes to the next shuttle. A few very quick spirals and a van target landing with a quick rosette I bundled into the van wing in arms and knees on the floor.

Second flight was very similar except as I was getting a bit lower I decided to try the NE valley. The problem was it had just switched South and I was screwed. No way I can glide from here to there with this head wind. – Tighten up, head for the corner and maybe I will get a whisper of salvation lift just before the LZ. – Whisper it was, I split a couple of pines and dropped in for a Spot on the cone landing. (Yea I planned it that way) Thanks for the witness Andy.

The third flight was the one for the day. – It started with everyone looking for a wind dummy. Cheri co had his gaggle of students and needed to see what the switch to South would do to the air. I figured it wasn’t getting better so off I go. Minor deflation on launch and a real bush skimmer all the way down but finally air speed and hill shape got me to the corner.

Then the fun began.

Back and forth over the rocks scratching and skimming up and down. After a while a series of students, tandems and others went round the corner some stopping for a bight of lift but everybody ended up lower and landed. Only Steephanie stuck around and we danced together in a 700 yard long and 200 yard wide band of lift for 40 minutes or so. I will dance with you any time Stephanie. (Just like Saddle only way way smaller.)

Doesn’t this look like fun:

The day ended with Wonko, the Pub and then a long drive home - in bed by 1:30.
Tuesday brings plans for a Baldy Glass Off. We will see.

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