Sunday, June 8, 2008

Too Much To Do

All week we wait. - Even a buzz up to Bob's Bump for a sledder was wested out. High wind kiting and rain for a week. But maybe the weekend. - Friday Saturday all blown. Maybe Sunday - Yes Yes - getting better and better Baldy should work. -

And then the other reality: - Work - Worship, Bible Study and Baccalaureate all on Sunday the one day I work. LOL

Well I do get to fly when many can’t but still when the day pops it is a killer to have so much to do. – Yet the addict in me wouldn’t say no and up the hill I go with a parishioner in hand. Gail also had to work. Thanks to Marlin I get a flight.

The problem is: when so much is going on you really shouldn’t fly. – No time to watch others fly, no time to just get ready mentally. – Just go for it because you have to be back by 4:30. – The results are on Leonardo – An 18 min sledder with plenty of bumps.

Always a big smile and learning much.

Next Saturday looks good.

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Anonymous said...

Morning Dave,

Glad you made it out, records were set yesterday. I had an ok flight to almost the Manastash ridge and then landed out in the middle of the north valley. Matt Amend and Steve Pentiack went nearly to Spokane. West side today and it looks miserable. Back into waiting mode.