Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saddle - Early Thermal Lift - Eastern WA

9:00 A.M. - Winds light to 12 NNW on launch. Just west enough to put launch in the lee of the little ridge west of launch. I kited for a bit but kept taking left side asymmetrics from the rotor. After 20 min or so I decide to warm up in the car and await James and Pam. I knew Pam would leave her rig in the lz and would fly so I though I could watch and see how boaty the nw wind would be. At 10:30 we were three on launch and the winds - still a bit west were now cranking. - Pam set up for launch but a rock edge caught a bit of sail and she had to step off launch to fix her glider. - By then it was strong enough to assure a good soar so I popped it off and went for sky. - Very nice lift - a bit cold but very nice. Flew for a while and found thermals sucking me up into the clouds. Base was only 4 or maybe 4,500 so it wasn't skying but the lift was fabulous. Armond from Leavenworth was next up and off after flying his zag for a bit. We both had nice flights and top landings.
More kiting and flying - Will have to check my GPS to see how many - - James had a nice flight before Pam stepped back into the slot and took for the sky.
She had the flight of the day - able go out and challenge the thermals because of her car option in the LZ. - She flew out and about and down - had two or three very nice thermal saves and ended up with all our envy as she brought it back in for a top landing. -
Thanks James, Pam and Armond for great company on the first Eastern WA thermal day of the year. - well ridge plus thermal.


Prediction: - Monday should be as nice or even better - any takers? - Hope you all found some flying - I know the Tri-Cities crew was in the air.

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