Monday, February 16, 2009

Saddle Prognosticating

Saddle from the South - Big Cloud on Launch

Cold and a bit wet, the wing got a nice work out today. No intrepid souls rose early for this one. The XC forecast showed solid 6 to 8 due North all day with possible light precipitation early and clearing later. Mattawa wundergound showed 6 N most of the day.
Launch was socked in.

By 12:00 base was at launch and by 1:00 we had 300ft ceiling.
It was cold but smooth, winds were 14 to 17 laminar North. I flew the ridge - dropping as low as 2400msl east keeping ridge lift and clearance for the return flight. Leonardo gave me a nice score: 39.90. My fingers and toes were cold and I needed facilities that the ground offered which the air could not, so after about 2 hours this bird sought shelter on terafirma.
Jimmy and Chris brought their hangs and fought icing all day. Every time one went close to the clouds there started a frozen mist of little bitty ice crystals. Cold and hard to see after a while.

Armond had a very sweet launch and flight but you will have to ask him about the "landing." Every one left the hill with smiles. Even Obi wan, who left saying "Cloud too Big! Wind too Strong!" was smiling. He was still smiling after his Kiona flights while listening to this young Jedi preacher brag about his day.
Reports are that there were a number of Kiona flights, keep your ears open.

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