Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a wonderful day Tuesday. – Sun, Sun, Sun.

A fine crew came from the wet side and were treated with Sound of Music fields on top of Selah Butte. A couple of short retrieves and a couple of hours of flying in active air added to log book and practice hours.

No one went very high, maybe 5.5k or so, I think the high pressure kept us down, a counter perspective blamed winds. Whatever the cause we didn’t go high but had lots of fun. I finaly got to fly Selah Butte and met the owner of the treatment center at the south side of the canyon. He asked that we not land in their nice green grass or the large field just North of their facility. Be advised.

Now I fly to Dunlap where my wing and I meet for the first time tomorrow evening. We have much planned.

I am not even taking my OZONE. Let us hope the new relationship goes well.

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pete said...

take photos! - take video!