Friday, January 8, 2010

Phaze One

The Scandahovian effort began with a couple of very cold 30 min flights at Saddle. Armon, Doc and I flew and top landed and Lori took the speed wing for a run down the hill after playing with it a bit. - doc where is your tracklog I wanted to see how much you tacked on to my 5k out and back. No video from the air - the camcorder came back with error - too cold. Realy there was "too cold" message on the screen not just ice.

After the cold it was off to Seattle for a meeting and then 6:00 AM flight out of SEATAC. - Got here just fine - Valle is in the middle of a big front and flying tomorrow is not looking very promising but you never know.

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Doc said...

Hey Preacher--
You went a few feet further down the ridge but Leonardo liked my little push out in front of launch and gave me .05 points for a more impressive triangle. Tee hee.