Thursday, January 21, 2010

Till we meet again.

Well that is just about everybody. When I count my XC friends, they are almost all here or have been. – If you weren’t here, you know who you are. (dangle away)

Last day and it seems like the party is just starting, though it has been going strong for several weeks.

Two contingents of big boy sky gods arrived in the past 36 hours, or so, and they have been and will be tearing up the sky.

Today's flight began with a relaxing wait after a minor wing repair. Then the flight was on:

It was a "fair thee well" for me as I said good by and explicative deleted to Crazy.(If I ever suggested you go there, don’t, we can talk later) That wall tried to kill me – three times!!! Finally, I said enough and ducked around the corner and had a pleasant ride to the rim.

Next, a bit of a battle at the wall proper but nothing too extreme. The main gaggle arrived as I was popping the wall and we gained 1200 or more above as we worked on a clean climb. Just about mid climb a Green snake (Boom or N) blew past my right wing at mach-one, a bit lower than me to "join us." As he(she) did, I was waked to kingomcome and ended below the bottom of the stack, never too recover. [Curse You Red Barron].

Anyway, it blew the climb and I had to reengage. At some point I ended up on the way back past the rock and climbed back to position to assault the upper mesa again.

Chatter on the radio called(ended) the task (another story) so we were “free.” Poised to strike I figured with my altitude I could give it another try so I dove back in and cranked the wall and back to G. Not bad, enough to transition to the spine and worked the prevailing and lea side stuff till crazy had me again. Ratty, good lift but not enough for the transition to Maguey. Got up a bit, maybe 8400 or so but only enough to rock a ride back to the rock where lift was sweet.

Over the back and toward Sacamacatie, nothing - so a slide to the field East of the little rocks. = Out past me a wing looked to be climbing - so rather than think about landing I thought about climbing.

I hooked in and slowing moved into a nice ride up! After 4 or 5 turns in clear lift I noted a wing on my quarter inbound. My though was - “here it is,” just as I realized it was Mer.

Nothing better than a friend showing up to show you the way home at the end of a hard day’s work.

We floated the convergence and hooked a few on the way back, Mer having gone to Salcos first. Pushing further looked dicey so I held back as Mer checked out the Westerly ground – not much happen there so I called Lake and I soon had company home.

We both had plenty, Mer took the lake side and I took La Torre. I got to play the ridge/thermal game and watched as she floated like a dandelion puff, back and forth cross the city.

On landing, with a comic tackle, a perfect two weeks has come to an end.

Thank you all for doing what you did to help me be as happy as I am.


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