Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mixed Bag - Speed & Saddle

Today was a mixed bag. Saddle was a hard call; first it looked great then as time went by wind projections and measurements indicated blown out city.

This was the second time in a week that early hope-filled projections turned into fringe flyable conditions. Very frustrating.

Friday night I was in Seattle for a meeting so it was on the way home at E-burg that I needed to make my own call for the day. Just before heading South and home on 82 I got a call from launch with a 10mph N report. Redirect and check it out. Off to launch.

Sure, it was OK early, but when I got there it was top-end and NNW which is not good. I set up for launch but couldn't control my poorly stuff sacked wing in the high winds and almost fed it to a barbed wire fence near the towers. (Back she goes into the stuff sack)

Two hangs took off while I was thrashing about and by the time I was back on launch two other friends (Armon & Mark) with speed wings were ready to huck.

I don't know, those little critters just seem sketch - They had a great time and I packed it in. (late report of a break in at the LZ - Armon's rig)

On the way home just past the Sunnyside cutoff in the burn area South of HWY 24 at Black Rock a new "fire road" had just been cut up the hill. Only the cat had traversed, no 4-wheel tracks yet. I always wondered about that hill .... - Up I went - no signs - just no hunting "public use of private lands is a privilege not a right." The hill took everything my Tundra had and at the lower NE facing ridge I found it soarable, just. - Future will tell if I go back but as for today I flew. Think I will call it "Black Rock One."

You can go to Leonardo if you want to see site details.

After I flew I went to the top of the ridge where it was blown out, but the shape is great - just access and permission issues - also if it is working on this ridge it is likely Saddle will be working as well so I don't know how useful a site it will be. Watch this space for future site reports.


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