Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ridge Soaring

Back from Valle and back to the hills.

On my return as part of my welcome home Gail took me to Bob's for a sledder and then it was day on and day off ridge soaring.
Check Leonardo for the details but basicaly it has been 2 flights a week. Most not worth noting even a full on day of parawaiting with only 10 minutes in the air to show for it.

Today was another good one though - as with the long flight at Saddle last week, Kiona was predicted to be good this Thursday afternoon. - Actualy too good. - Winds were a solid 18 to 20 out of the NW.

Now NW at 12-14 is ok at Kiona but 18 to 20 - Launchable but not landable. The points for toplanding were covered with nasty lea rotor from finger ridges. - Kiona faces NE so NW is a bit nasty. - Lift was great and strong but lots of Parking.

On my first pass East I didn't go all the way down the ridge because the cross would clealy not sustain a return. - Pushing NW was almost stand still till 1/2 bar. Then the issue was where to land - I worked up to the Hang launch and nothing - not even low on toyboy would work - As soon as I approched ridge the rotor started to kick up.

Back to the East - If it wouldn't sustain before maybe it would also be less rotor - well it was - hovering over the ridge top 3/4 mile from my truck I settled in for a full on shutdown with C/D's in a tumble to land stop. - Work just as planned and with a bit of a hike I was back in my warm truck - another hour in the log book and looking for more.

Can anyone say "crack addict."

Good thing I have never tried it.

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