Monday, March 22, 2010

More Lift Than I Wanted

Spring has Sprung and XCSkies indicated a window of moderate winds and conditional instability today. - The next week or so didn't look good - or at least I won't be able to fly for a while so I bit the bullet and went to the only West facing hill that would get me up in the STUFF.

I waited on the hill for an hour and a half to give the freight trains a chance to calm themselves and then with much trepidation and a bit of "damm damm damm" I gave it a go.

As soon as I was off the hill I knew it was a bad call. - Big sink - big lift back and forth and Selah Butte is not forgiving. - I pushed out hoping for a smooth one but got a rocker instead.

If you watch this video note how my feet go up as the wing rock backs. - And I was giving back to the wing as I rocked into the big T. -

It may be that winter has shaved my bump tolerance down a bit but I just was not ready for this much activity.


I Frew said...

Rock n Roll baby!!! Nice one Dave!! Get a vario where you can adjust the amount of screaming the acoustics give out. Makes it much more pleasurable and less anxious.


Steve Thibault said...

Wow Dave.... those are the flights... that leave emotional "marks".