Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baldy Fires Off - OD

Today a toe was dipped in the thermic waters of Eastern WA. - A small happy crew launched.

We were early - My fault - three of us paid the price and one went too near the Columbia. - Guess who.

My second flight (video) was seek and avoid. - Lots of lift - but to go above 5,000ft was to commit to the clouds and 25,000ft or more. - By the time I made it to 82 sliding in and out of the edges of lift I was in the only blue except the firing range. -

Nice looking clouds, right? - Well.

Even in the blue I had nothing but "suck" - two sets of spirals - see below - got me nicely down to a LZ with great access for a ride back to E-burg and Mexican food.

This kind of flying is not for the faint-of-heart nor those who haven't been "sucked" and survived prior flights. - Flying skies like these is not recommended.

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