Monday, April 26, 2010


Doug on Launch

While Doc and Mer were flying amazing flights to the North from Chelan, Doug Hoffman and I took on a site which has tickled our fancy and mostly Doc's fancy for a long time.

DD2 - the name you will have to ask, AKA "Sunnyside" is a marginal peak for launching PG's but it sits on a major SW facing solar collector between the tri-cities and Yakima so it has some convenience factors and as Doug showed today can be the start point for North flights toward Saddle and beyond. -

Doug took the Route one which is Due North toward Mattawa and I went West toward Yakima.

We got a bit of a late start (clouds shut us down an hour after we got started) but for a first thermal flight from the site it was great. (Doc was first off last week during a Paradriving day)

When things start cooking for real it may be a quick alternative launch site for Tri-Cities pilots who don't have time to go to Baldy but do have a driver.

That is one of the problems - 1/2 hour or better off road to launch. 4wd only

Great Air though, great collector and lots of room to fly!

Tomorrow - SADDLE for Some wimpy points for the XC league - Lots of ridge early in the morning.,cat:1,class:all,xctype:all,club:0.6

Check out the standings - quite a race and Mer hasn't posted her big one.

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