Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kiona Works - Big Smiles

Today was a great Kiona day - winds were a bit strong but for those who like such things it was great.

A crew came via Saddle which was blown and I think most flew - some benching up from down low.

Rick and I continued our battle for bragging rights. - LEO is down right now but we both gave a run SE after 2 or more down and backs - and thanks to Bob B for the retrieve.

Thermic conditions were quite exciting - lots of strong lift but it stopped near 3,000 or so MSL.

Good lift band out front and another on the ridge top. - best lift was out front but you needed to be 3-500 over to work it well.

John K had an amazing tandem. - took it low and skimmed all the way to the LZ from way low in front of TOY BOY - I would have given 10 to 1 that he would dust, but he pulled it off - Amazing.

There were a couple of draggs and snag with the winds - - My only advise is start lower and make sure your wing is dead into the wind on launch. - HANDS UP!!!! - and have total stable control on landing or abort. - If you are even a bit off balance you WILL get dragged.

Hope everyone had fun and got a feel for how fun Kiona can be.

No video today - but Here is a Kiona video if you haven't seen it.

Check tomorrow for points. - I think we topped at about 3400ft msl - don't know if I got that high but it was just soooo much fun I am still giggling.

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