Friday, February 25, 2011


Wow, now that was cold. - Got to hand it to Doc he kicked my frozen patootie. The projections were right on target.
Temp on launch was 18, flight speed wind-chill=3.

Both Doc and I dressed to the nines, my outfit from inside out included polipro long john bottoms and long sleeve top, pants, snowboard bib-overalls with wind proof outers and quilted liner, poli-pro heavy socks, chem-hand warmers at the toes inside insulated boots. Long sleeve shirt, medium weight wool sweater, down jacket from North Face with down hood, balaclava and helmet. For gloves (still not enough) $250 outdoor research expedition over mitts modified in claw formation. (never failed me till today.)

Details of Doc's clothing are unclear but his mitts were not only wind proof but were so thick that they seemed to need installation into his toggles as part of pre-flight. - a Hang glider trick if I am not mistaken.

I guess you get the idea that it was coooold. It was also very windy. - Winds at RC launch at Kiona were 20 - 25 all day. We don't really think Kilowna is a good launch spot so we launched from a point just up hill and round the bend that we are calling siif for "screw it I'm flying."

Launch was easy in 15 mph winds and it resulted in a catapult to 1,000 feet over in just moments.

We both ran the ridge once, I was 1/2 a ridge in the lead. On my second pass outbound or east bound I was getting very cold and my frozen fingers were fighting with my competitive spirit. - Lift was very strong and the edges of ice cold dry air rising through even colder air were quite turbulent and not much fun. - It was almost like flying in July.

I decided give in and to push out and land in the LZ just to stop the freezing. - It took forever and I had to push way out to get in front of the lift band and the imbedded thermals.

Doc flew over and then I think completed his double ridge or maybe just set up to land as I did - in any event his report was about repeated frustration and inability to get down so he ran east to find a place to sink. - Crossing the canyon he went on out to the winery and found a nice patch of sinking air and "warm" ground.

It was just sooooo cold. - And soooo fun. - Dress warm and join us next time. - Curt also soared his speed wing and Greg through down some kiting. A good day had for all.

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