Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 3 of comp

Day three of the comp.

Today I was much more relaxed. Launch line was not a problem and I decided to take off at about the same time as yesterday. 11:30 – This gave me an hour to get set for launch at Crazy. – It worked just fine. – I wasn’t in great lift at start but I caught some about 20 seconds later and took it up and then followed, watching the pack for the best line.

I happened to be about mid way between El Spina and Crazy so as I headed out the majority of wings were to my left. – Few if any left from El Spina as yesterday. – The effect of this was that I was just about the furthest to the valley side of all the wings.

I kept looking in to see if anyone was doing better than me but I was getting the best of it and just continued on. – I tanked a couple of turns at 3 kings and continued with a valley line that worked great – I took it all the way to Divisidaro and tagged with lots of height. – then I went back to the ridge to gaggle up to tank up for the push to La pila.

I had a couple chances to join some crews on the way out but they just didn’t seem high enough for me so I stuck around till I tanked up to 11,400 or so. Then I left with a group of 4 or 5 and we worked together to get to the 4k cylinder. – I tagged first I think and it was mega sink at the end and on the way down the canyon. –

I just hoped it was going to work – the ridge slope to my left that is. – It did and well – The ridge is a wind break and hot looking – Up I went and took a ride all the way back up 3 kings. – It was a joy to fly that ridge and it worked great. – At the top the ridge is the saddle to Meguey and I expected no problems but it was a feisty little bugger today and it took multiple efforts of pushing out and back and up and out before we caught a climb that would work to put us on the rest of the course.

At this point my lack of local knowledge killed me – I went for the convergence line which was great for flying but not for the task – I should have headed direct for the way point and then back tracked to el spina but I went out towards the convergence over the hills in the front with the idea of getting stinking high and doing it that was.

It worked for the 500m tag of the way point back near el pinon – I had 11k or so to start but the tag cost me some altitude and the move back to the convergence didn’t work. I figured to catch some lift near Jovans but it didn’t come together so I tagged the 6k cylinder and scratched for a bit and then landed for a great lunch.

Good day – but no goal. – More XC flying with waypoints.

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