Friday, April 8, 2011

Good early Spring day

Amazing Day - Lots lots lots of CU - OD to the west. - tricky to get off Saddle together- most of the crew was 45 min or so after my launch - I got off in an early lull. - But they caught up. - Thermals reported by everyone - very skinny snake like - hard to stay with them - seldom to base then look for another one. - Lots of good pilots were dusted early with a massive sky. -

That was a key challenge and why Conrad's flight was so special - It was very tricky flying - Steve P. took an aggressive pitch and ended up ridge soaring the hills due south of the Dam, - top landing twice in a valiant effort to repeat his Vol Bivi exploits in Nepal. - (unsuccessful)

We all found it almost impossible to make it to base - some lift was screaming, some gentle - I had one full on waterfall 4 k over launch. - Just a great day - On retrieve Randy picked me and Steve TBo up in a chase effort to catch Conrad - we caught him in south Sunnyside and chased the afternoon away all the way to OR. -

Steve P had nice maps in his Big Rig that allowed us to assist as the big C slid into home, just inside legal air space. - Three great low saves - we watched two of them - He can tell the rest

The XC season is off and Running - Until Conrad posts I get to hold his first place cup. - But he IS in the lead - Make sure you post all your flights - top 6 per pilot per month all season long - Build a pile-o-points and see where you end up. If your not on Leonardo then sign up, it is free - If you need help figuring out how to post flights give me a ring and I can help. - If you post flights to LEO but don't find your flights as part of league please e-mail me your leonardo pilots name and I will add you to the NW league List - Remember only US flights count - A part of any flight must be at some point in US Airspace to count.

Last Year's Final Standings:
All the best - Great Crew today and great assist from ground spotter who helped with retrieve. Thanks

Conrad may be home late.

Sorry about the 911 from Steve - don't know what happened but it was distracting in the air and at least one local responder left a note that they were looking. - Don't know the story but would love to hear it.


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