Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Back and I'm leaving

SINGDI from the Air

Three days ago I launched myself into the unknown. After considerable consideration and consternation, leaving sleeping bag and most gear on the ground for weight reduction off I went.

Launch was fine but lift was marginal and it took three attempts to finally get up and established at toriponi. - From there the glide was good and with a spin or two at Dicky Danda I was off to the Green Wall - No worries there - two others were mega high and lift was abundant. - Late to the party I buzzed East.

I clicked through way points till I passed my first top landing way point(TL0). On I went till about 3:45 or so and over the ridge past TL1 I looked across the valley at a top landing option that I had not marked. - I had seen this place months ago looking at the route but had lost it. The place is called Singdi.

My approach was plenty high and I had nice lift on the lea/primary thermal on the Singdi point. I overflew the school and found expected rotor to be more than what I felt was safe and I aborted my attempt in the soccer field. - I buzzed about until I found calm flat air with a touch of down on the east side of the ridge where there were lots of terraces. After a couple of passes the air felt good and a shot or so gave me a nice little stall it in landing on a postage stamp terrace with a thud.

The children were on me in an instant. The first person to land from the sky in Singdi. Quite a stir. As time went by the news spread through the mountain village of 2000 that and event had happened. The landing made me a very special person. The elders said my name would be part of their history. They put flowers on me and gave me shawls of welcome. I was made to sit with the men of the village as they had tea for a wedding to occur later that day.

I was then escorted by the village Brahma who was also the teacher, having studied sociology and political science in England, to a top house. At this hut I became the guest of honor. We had fine food, dahl bot with special spinach. Go ahead and laugh Gail. The night was very comfortable in a prime sleeping place.

The next morning I hiked with the massive contingent of children and some curious elders to launch. - It took 2 hours and 5 different launch attempts to get off and up. The house thermal worked in 1 and 200 up but not enough for me so I dove for what I figured to be big lift only to get slammed with nothing but sink.

The next thing was to spot a landing in the bottom of the valley. No worries but from Singdi it was a two day hike and drive with an overnight so I just now am getting back to Pokhara. - Had dinner with Arnie and while waiting Brad Sanders called and hooked me in on a second effort, this time with partners, for the route to KMT leaving 8:00 sharp tomorrow.

Charge the Gopro and I will check in in a week or maybe sooner - we will see. More Vol-bivi - what am I thinking?

Adventures abound.

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