Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quick Update

Past three days were spent flying from a site about 30k South of Pokhara. The site is very sweet but the launch road which includes a river forging by jeep is by far the worst site access road in my experiance. - From now on when we find ourselves on a bad road the comment will be "Yea, but it isn't as bad as the road up to Sirkot." Time up the hill 1hr of bone jaring terror. JEEP OR BETTER ONLY
Day one - Doc and I had sledders after I botched a forward into a stone wall - brused ego only.

Day two - Skied with Randy - team flew with tops to 3,000k - lovely day of flying - landed at lake just before a gust front / swirl hit - Doc spanked by it and ended up in the lake - again alls well but likely lost his gopro and vario. - packed his reserve on the montain top and we flew again.

Day three - I was lazy and lucky - I just waited until it seemed some were getting high - launched and buzzed fast at the "top" of 2000 to 2100m lift - not realy enough, but just enough - lifty line and great glide on the M4 made for an easy day back to lake -
I popped up over the house and pushed back toward the green wall - didn't make it and had the best part of the day given to me via a roof top buss ride back into Pokhara - WILD.

More video and blog will come - today it is the Nepal National Paragliding Comp - 5 days of XC ACRO and Spot landings. - LOL - combined score - 144 pilots - look at me to be on the podium for ACRO.

Plans are coming together for Vol-Bivi following or during comp. 3-5 days from now for 4-5 days.
A couple videos from the wedding are attached - (out of disk space on my computer I have shot so much footage. - )

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