Saturday, March 3, 2012

out of dodge on the 6:00 stage

In route with a wind behind me I am ducking out just as Pokhara experiences a general strike. No taxis and I was lucky to get one of the "kept" seats out on the 9:00 am flight. Kept for scalping I was informed. No barter for best deal this time.

Yesterday I had my best flight of the trip. - A 28k out and back from Sarinkot to Sirkot. It was a great flight - all alone with great lift and wonderful clouds. - I was told only Claudio has made the out and back, I find that hard to believe but there are many firsts still available in this OutWest land.

Unfortunately my GPS fritzed so I only have pictures of the flight which will make my next blog entry. For now it is time to brace for the 1hour walk with porters to the airport with my bags. Looking forward to a loving embrace with Gail some 55 hours from now.

Wow it is hard to get from here to there.

All the best. - Planning next adventure now: A Cross Country / Thermaling Clinic I will present this spring.


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