Friday, March 2, 2012

silly slow-mo of a 40%

The picture above is from yesterday morning. I was chatting with Babu following his big night at Blue Sky. - Babu and Lakpa flew off Everest and National Geographic awarded them Adventurers of the year. Their video/movie was premiered here in Nepal two nights ago. We talked and swapped cards and then later that day he helped me with a tree rescue communication relay. I mention him so that you all might keep him in your prayers as later that day he found out his father had died. - My heart goes out to you Babu.

Today, my second to last day of flying in Nepal was a day for big – well there is a Spanish word for them. Though the field had a great time, I am sure, running a quick task I was off on my own attempting; a Pokhara Sirkot Pokhara out and back. – No worries about lift and really the OD wasn’t bad. –

I pinged a nice climb at Teriponi at 2,300 meters and took an easy glide to the conference center on the first ridge to the South. This is the ridge that has the Peace Pagoda that I bombed out on the first day. – This time no problems and I took it back to 1,850 off the conference center and pushed around Bumdi. The usual massive cloud sat waiting for me and the associated mega lift was right where I figured it would be.

On bar flying away from the behemoth I was climbing at 4 m/s - I hate that feeling. But I headed out from the lift plenty early and found sink at about 2,200 meters. – I pushed across the valley to a nice looking cloud whose’ lift greeted me with a 40%er. That was enough – I looked about, noted it was only 12:15 and didn’t want to fly and fight all day so I punched down to a little town along the bus route and set her down nice and easy.

I have been good to fulfill my constant promise to friends and family to fly safe. One more day and it will be the Budda Air pilot who will be in command. – That is if I don’t take the bus to Katmandu. Either way tomorrow will be the last flying day here in Nepal for this year.

You have to try it.

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