Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Valle Day 2 - 12,303ft new alt. best - Converg!!!!

Picture of my folder on Day 1

The short report on Day 2 is that it was magic.

Tim, Roger, Matt & Doug loading

I launched early and worked the nasty lift in front of launch forever. - Over time all were in the air and we started to work what was working. The day had a cirus layer that kept the valley lift from rocking early.
As the flight progressed more were working their way to 10k and above. I never maxed the gaggle but did well. 4 or 5 from Doug and Stefan's crew were near the top and two or three departure waves formed.
I was in the last wave and after 5 min on glide I was at the back and worried about going low again. I was patient and when a beep beep gave me hope a couple of near gliders and I started to work lift before we made Sacramacata(sp?). This was a great call. I climbed back up to over 10k and had the hill on easy glide and before getting there the famous convergence had taken over and I was in white white white.

I responded with big ears on my first entry into cloud. This worked fine and then I figured what the heck we are in Mexico - soooo. I picked a compass course and let the white win. 3 or 4 minutes later I came out of the cloud with the lake on easy glide and the convergence to my back. 2 hours had passed since launch and I wanted more so 180 and try to get back in to it.
But my hopes were dashed and the zone shifted away and I fell into major sink.
I kept trying to chase wings but they tended to be comp or at least very high and fast.Then the little possee found me as Doug called out "lift over here Dave." But the truth was we were all on the ground in 4-6 minutes.

I wasn't sure which way the wind was going so I am thankful that Tim's downwinder a minute before my landing left a masive dust ball. -

All is well all landed with smiles and more will follow - looking forward to day 3.

The Preacher. - See my flight on google earth via leonardo and check out utube top right this page.

P.S. I did get some great gaggle video but it is a big file and has to be edited - more soon.

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