Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valle Day 8

More great flying - 2.5 hrs or so. Got a great save at the base of the Pinon, well below the rock 200 or so over the trees. Caught a wiff of smoke from a small fire in a farmers field and I was on my way. Very tight very little but just enough to turn my flight from a 30 min disappointment to a great flight to 12k or so with a landing at Jovans for lunch. Great thermaling in total white out over the mesa all by my little lonesome. This place rocks. Today I to almost no pictures until glass off. It was nice to focus on only flying.
Glass off was amazing this time. - Nice thermal action let some sky over the back. I stayed with the pack and in the end we were ridging it. - Nice tight action at the top just like Temple back home, including the top landing except you come in from the right instead of the left. Wadaya think bout that doc.
After my little landing I popped out and was last down while the sun was setting and the crew was packing up. Thanks for the ride Eagle.
The other news is that the trigger has been pulled for my new wing. - Fire colored custom sized Airwave Cobra. - Happy camper here.
Two more days - what will happen next is anyones guess - love to catch a lake landing again but we will see. The north winds make it almost impossible for my 1-2.
More pics tomorrow.

I think I have figured how to filter my spot tracks so only 24 hours show up. Should work better so there isn't a big glob of overlays from previous days. - check it out on the link above.

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