Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valle - Day 9 : First to Goal

Late in posting - still no new pics. - Flying has been quite active. Normal for this trip the North Winds pushed the convergence right over launch and down the spine. I launched mid early and popped to 9k in one or two passes - left for El Pinon and got it just fine then on to the mesa.
Lift was good and strong but I didn't find anything towering. - Bill from Montana tells of his trip above the clouds to around 14k surfing up the windward side of the convergence. Wish I could say the same.
The lift was strong enough that I was able to tag Elspina and get back to Crazy at tree tops. Crazy at treetops takes lots of focus but after 5 min or so I was well over the G spot with lots of lift back to base. Up and down mostly up and cold I was set.
Now here is something I never though I would say. After about an hour I WAS JUST TIRED OF FLYING. - Those who know me you can close your mouth now.
I did go back for glass but it was so crowded that I bailed for the Pinon at 8400 and couldn't scratch it out and landed short of the Piano next to a bull field.
Today - Lake maybe and long - we will see then it is time for the big jet and home.
Making reservations for next year.

Oh, First to Goal - I bugged so early that I made lunch at Jovans before anyone and got the number 1 chip.

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