Friday, June 12, 2009

First Day of Baldy Comp

Couple of post - see below. - ARUN had a great flight on Thur.
Pic of Thursday's Clouds

Friday was an early day - Great Call Gordon.
I got off just before a big cu shut down the hill - No where to go but Selah Butte at that point - After 35 or 40 min Baldy started to work again and the flock was off -

I returned to join them and Doc and I were first off for Manastash.
Doc took the low road and I the high - He was faster and beat the development to well past Ryegrass and I went a bit higher and slower and had to turn back west, not making it in time to duck under the developing cu at Ryegrass.

Took the same route that Steve P. took a month ago - up past the windmills then turned back along the foot hills of North Eburg on a westerly track . - Didn't quite make 97 but had a great flight.

A cloud street sat over the foothills while a slow moving/growing cu built over Ryegrass after I left there. If I thermaled the cu would catch me and the suck/speed bar battle was on. -

This happened three times - none of which were fun. - Topped at 9,400 ft on the first fight. - Lots of weather/cloud work/learning. - Not a flight for the faint of heart. Check out the video:

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