Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Twitter SPOT

Finaly figured out how to link my SPOT account to Twitter.

Why you might ask?

Twitter is a tool used to "follow" peoples actions and locations via web and or cell phone.

Paragliding retrieve involves "following" peoples actions and locations via CAR.

Linking SPOT TO TWITTER works like this:

1. Get a twitter account:
2. Link you twitter account to twittermail:
3. On your SPOT "Messenger Profile" add your new twittermail address to the notificaiton list.

This caused my SPOT account to email twitter with a tweet of my location when I press OK. (NB: you have to shorten your SPOT text message - tweetmail truncatess and you loose the lat/lon if you use more than 35 charitures for your name and phone number.)


The advantage of this is that a stranger or potential retrieve driver met on the hill can now get your SPOT Ok messages w/location on their phone. To do this they:
- text: follow preacherw to 40404
Thats it. - Now your friend is following you and will get your GPS location when you SPOT
They can later turn off there following with a similar command:

To turn off notificatoin - text: leave preacherw to 40404

Good luck and let me know if I can follow you.

Oh a side note: If you have not tweeted or followed then twitter will set up your account when you send your first message to 40404, they ask your name - this will become your twitter userid. If you have not twittered yet 40404 is twitters SMS-phone number in the US.

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