Monday, June 15, 2009


It is real - This past weekend we all faced weather and depending on "guts" and "smarts" we had various experiences with big air.

One pilot at the rock said - "See Ya" and drove off.

I had a great flight on Friday but was chased in the end by a slow moving front.

Three of us made our directional decision on Saturday bassed on working to stay wide or away from one of the biggest dumps/t-storms and rain drop the roads up baldy has had in several years.

Returning to the possiblility of glass at the end of the day we were kicked in the stomach as Doug got plucked and sent over the back. - He made some mistakes which he lists on his blog but we did as well as we were planning to launch at the same time.

While we waited for him to hike back up the North wind went to 25/30.

Lessons learned - Big weather is Big. - Margins are ??? enough.

Sunday more than one pilot was very wet after landing prior to a dumper. I got to the hill late and was going to fly until the wisdom side of my brain kicked in. We did fly a sledder when it was all shut down but I came to the hill ready to fly mid-day.

Monday I flew in the needle and had a nice flight but didn't push it and, due to nerves, missed out, on a great street running to the south east from Bill's. Big lift and great streets can run hand in hand with big risk.

When the weather is big expect big changes. - Calm to 30mph in less than 15 minutes.

Wait till it is stable and expect it to change anyway.

Maybe - just get in your car and say "See Ya, I don't fly when T-Storms are in the forecast."

Video of Doug's over the back:

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