Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 3 found

Day one was one big mistake - left low and didn't make it past the first turn point.-

After doing fire stuff w/ top landing on day 2. Glad Matty was fine just in pain w/ back injury that will work itself out.

I was ready to fly on day 3

So now off to the races. -

I got high and tended to stay high - not always with others but always close. It was a fun and quick day one to the next - Found lift and sometimes big it was a great day of flying.

I made one decision that paid off big!!!
Heard from Mike H. that we should stay in the valley and not work back to the hills because it doesn't work as well. So when picking a line I always went outside or toward the valley to the left of the furthest out glider - It worked

Kept it up all the way to Goal. skimmed the last ridge at tree top and dropped in a spot landing at Goal.

8 other pilots at goal and I was last of the comp. 2 or 3 ff/wtec also made it.
Great day of flying and - Yea it is Great - No pic's only flying

Back to day 3.

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