Thursday, July 30, 2009


Frank and Sam over Rampart Ridge

What an amazing place -

We had a fair day at Baldy with the crew: Sam, Mer, Frank, Steve T & Steve K, Dave W.
Not everyone flew due to high pressure and hard inversion dynamics not to mention that I ended up in the south LZ - Baldy can be a challenge and up to it Mer got to the windmills plus a bit.

Not wanting to take more than her share of good flights Mer didn't pack her wing in the truck as we went for seconds up the hill at rampart. - The road is smoother when you hike it but much easier in the truck.

At launch conditions were about a good as you could hope for and it is still tricky.

First Sam then Frank then Dave all executing flawless reverse cross wind cliff launches. - I watch and wondered and then went alpine. -

Sam The Man and a Classic Launch

Rampart has two tricky elements - Launch and landing - Other than that it is magical. - Lift was 1-300 up in glass smooth butter to about 7k. Views - well take a look - Two landed at Hyak exit and two at the dam. A great day was had by all.

Off to Idaho with Doc for more sketch mountain launches. Yahoo.

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