Friday, July 3, 2009

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I have tried to post several times but with out much success.

One more day left.
Day 1. - left too low - landed in lz after just making first waypoint
Day 2. - Top landed to help downed pilot
Day 3. - Great flight - made Goal and was only Sport class to do so and last to Goal of 9. - So I can Do this.
Day 4. - Tried to be clever and took an early trip to "Burnt" for top up but it wasn't working - ended up 3 ridges behind. Made it to 8k short of Goal.
Day 5 - Tried same thing and this time it worked - Massivly Good Start - 9.5K at start and 5 sec behind the leader - and above him - ROCKIN - then 15 min later nailed at Rabies with a painful landing high on the ridge - Brused ego and left heal.
Day 6 - Tried same thing and dusted in time for relaunch and on second flight came up 15k short of Grants pass but a wonderful fun flight .
Day 7 - TOMORROW - Big grins - Tired and at least 7 more pounds lighter.
See you all when we are done.
DAVE aka Preacher

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