Saturday, August 21, 2010

Entiat and Doug's New Tow Rig

Today Chris A and I got signed off on our T3s with Doug and Denise from Aerial. Winds were up at the Ranch so we went out and rung out the new tow boat and did tandem tows.

This was a first for Chris and myself, we traded being victim and pilot. - Both of Chris' launches and landings were great. My launch however left a bit to be desired. I didn't check the wing as it moved to my left and we almost caught a tree on launch. - Lots of excuses are available if you want to query me but I was PIC. Doug did a nice job of training me during the debrief.

It is very challenging to tow tandem due to high launch speed and we were doing no wind forwards. Both Chris and I dislike being victim but ya got to do what you got to do.

Once in the air the pilots enjoyed the spirals but neither "student" felt as happy about the experience. For those of us who fly a lot - being a passenger is disconcerting.

That said - if you have a friend who wants to fly - let one of us know.


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