Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Simple Lift and a short XC

A good day - not planned but good none-the-less at Baldy today.

6 of us were at the rock around 11:45. On launch cycles were solid and ready. No one wanted to be first and I was working with Bart so I needed to wait.

Finally Chris launched and top landed - conditions were strong and "not to much lift." I saw stuff that looked good so I launched figuring to top land as well and then work with Bart. - But after launching I found conditions strong - really too strong and it took most of my skill to keep my wing over head and climbing so I phoned in the apology and cranked it up.

Lift was nice round 900 fpm to about 8500 and leaning over to exit 11. - High and easy - lift to over 10,000 at Menastash. - Cross the pocket no worries and top at 11,000.

What a day!! - I thought I had a shot at going round the Firing range. - Took a hard East line but it was all sink so I pushed North but found myself in no-persons land.

Winds were East and South. - just right for a run North deep in the wind mills but I was too far East by that point and I didn't want to go back so I headed North but it didn't work and I ended up with a mega hike - 2 hours of hot walking. Temp on the ground 102! and I ran out of watter 1.5 hours in.-

By 7:00 I had made the road and Chris picked me up, providing a much needed beer and gaiter aid.

Enjoy the video.

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