Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday to the Nats

The morning began with a rush - everything ready before worship. Off a little late but the sermon was well in the oven by then so it was just a process of flowing it into the pulpit.

Good chats follow worship and then off on 8 hour drive. - Not knowing where I would sleep tonight.

To my surprise we gain an hour on the way to Sun Valley so I don't know I figured it took 8 and 1/2 hours but I could be wrong.

Anyway the HQ was still hopping so I got my downloads promised to pay on line and bug for bed - but what bed. That is where good friends come in.

I have my own bed in the Tamarack styling with the view.

Class A digs and all full of grace.

Tomorrow flying is unsure but we will be in the air at some point.

Dinner, also a graced event, was the best food I have ever eaten. A work of art in presentation which fulfilled the expectations of the eye with the experience of the tongue.

Joy, Wish you were here Gail. - You have to come here.

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