Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guess Who Dropped in For Dinner

Friday and Saturday - My Oh My.
A quick look at leonardo will tell the story about Friday. Thanks for the retrieve M.

Saturday was great for many. Baldy was a challenge early on with a Easterly Flow that made launching difficult and thermals at ridge top and below very tricky to find and work. Those who got up really went up. Those who didn't went down and experience a nice day on the mountain but must have lusted after those way high.

Cloud base was around 9 to 10,000 ft. I launched last for a variety of reasons and had no particular plans other than maybe a little triangle or something.

On my second top up I found a street in front of me heading toward the firing center and South and it looked like it might go round the corner East through what Steve P. calls the "needle."
The needle is a corridor of airspace between Yakima Firing range restrictions and Yakima Air Terminal restrictions. - Parts of it also includes flying over land you can't land on but can fly over. Tricky stuff requiring advanced prep which I did a bit of and was ready when the streets appeared over the route.
I figured I would go as far as lift allowed and found streets granting 5,500 to 9,000 for over two hours right down the line.
At the 3/4 mark about 6:00 the street was looking real big and suck started to be an issue. I headed due South into the next valley to get away but was able to maintain contact with the street for lift as I continued S.E.
About 6:50 the sun had given up on heating the ground and the cloud street above and in front of me literal evaporated before my eyes.
The Air turned to Glass and I was at 8,500 on final glide. - More distance or ?? what to do. Sunnyside was to my right and I have a good friend who lives there that happens to have a large green back yard - About 1.5 acres. SWEET.
Got there with a thousand to spare - Set up and landed.
Where did you come from was the question and I said North of Yakima. - Smiles all around cold beer, Salmon on the barbecue ready on landing with cous cous and fruit. - What a way to end a great two days of flying.

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