Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Perfect Retrieve at Dunlap

I had a great second task at the Nationals. The effort required just to get out of the valley was right at my max ability and everything was working.

Once southbound however I was out of my element. Just freeflying South without any experiance as to what would work or what wouldn't.

I took a line that put me too far east for sustained lift and I landed in the middle of nowhere which was fine because they had set up radio high ground and I had good communications with Sonny the retrieve maven.

After waiting on 152 in a nowhere valley for about 45 minutes a single car came by and offered a ride. - Following procedures I check w/ retrieve, informed them of my new destination - corner of 152 and 245 and my eta. We headed out and I was dropped in nowhere again. Now however there was no radio or cell coverage but I sent another SPOT OK and set up shop for the long wait.

The following Video shows what happens when you do what your supose to do and so does the system.

Timing is everything!!!

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