Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday At The Office

Isaac & Nico

Today one of my youngest parishioners, Nico, who is just learning to talk, asked his dad if he could see me, (Pastor Dave). His request came at the same moment I was stressing BIG TIME over how to get a second 4wheel drive for retrieve at Baldy.

"Chance" had it that his dad was at the gas station an hour later as I was gassing up for the day. He told me Nico's unique request and I was off to their house to see Nico before going flying.

As we started talking it turned out that Nico and his brother Isaac(4) were just about to head off on an adventure with their dad and grandfather. I suggested they take a detour in their nice red 4wheel drive Tundra and take me and a couple of friends to the top of the hill. The boys wouldn't mind watching Pastor Dave fly would they?

The game was on as Pastor Dave's prayers were answered through a 2 year old and his father.

Go Figure.
Here is the video:


Paul said...

Nice video Dave!

pete said...

Hey Dave, My cobra XL arrived today.