Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 3 -

Day three, a Recap

Comps take so much energy and there is so much yackn with friends the blog is often an afterthought.

Today is an off day due to winds so I figured I would give a bit more robust report for the wondering eyes of this posting place.

Day one was very good flying however as I mentioned before I decided to forgo a great flight and make a stupid decision and cut my flight short.

The start cylinder on day one was 5k. This is about 2 k from the house thermal on the rim that I am use to flying. I figured that a big lift on the rim say to 8k would put me in great shape, maybe even above the flock when we met in the center at start time. The problem was that the Butte was giving 8,000 and the rim was only granting 6,000ft.

The result was that when I finally returned to tag the start and bug back for the rim I was too low to sustain the rim and I landed down by the river. –

Lesson learned: stay with the gaggle – Well that’s the lesson, I just can’t seem to learn it. This is at least the 4th time my arrogance and stupidity have ganged up on me.

Carnage report for day one: One R10.2 balled up and the pilot hucked with no injury. One asymmetric in front of the rocks resulted in a trip to the hospital for observation – injuries appear minor if any.

Day two – that is yesterday – was held down by inversion/ high pressure and west winds right at the max. Mer, Doc and I flew the very same day at Chelan two weeks ago and the results were just the same. For most of the launch cycle, from Green Monster, there was a ridge/thermic soaring fest right out in front. Very crowded, once or twice Doug called a hold on launch for safety to clear space in the air. Very hard to get high.

I didn’t think I would fly at all and spent most of the hour before start walking round and taking pictures. Most every one else was at least in line.

Finally a cycle of reduced wind with good lift flipped my decision matrix and I launched. After about 35 minutes of fighting I got to 5,000 ft but was drifting back fast and had no hope of staying with the comp wings. I pushed forward to get back to lift but it was fruitless. I just stayed safe and ended in the LZ.

Carnage report day two: – One hard impact near Sims with possible serious internal injuries. More info as released.

Day three called due to winds – I assume – I came home for a night in Air Conditioned bliss. – My bungalow in Chelan was one hot place Saturday night.

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