Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today was a simple task - Follow the Leader 88 k out to Almira.
I made it hard by trying to be the leader. - This is the best way to get to dumb land and I got there fast.
Launching early because of my distain for lines I was at the top of the stack at 8,000 feet with 55 minutes to go to start - Not fun but doable. -
Rather than wait I crossed the river figuring I could return and tag rather than glide and time it. - Amazingly stupid.
I got across and was well esablished at 6,000 MSL over the rim but that wasn't enough to glide back to the 5k cylindar and then back to the rim lift so I dusted at the LONE PINE cafe and had a beer. -
The rest of the day was spent mopeing with a fellow competitor who also was unhappy with their day.

tomorrow - fly with the pack.

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