Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank you CJ b

The final day of the comp was a challenging day to fly. Similar to other moderate to high wind days in high pressure conditions the launch cycle produced a cramped sky. That is, lots of gliders in a small space.

Some who worked the tight quarters got up but I don’t feel fighting tight conditions when the air is bubbly is worth the effort. I would rather go to an alternate lift point and hope, than to fight and risk a big cost loss. Mid-airs are not fun.

I launched a bit too early and the slog fest was on. Leaving the gaggle I went lea side a bit and worked reasonable lift at three-trees. The wind was just a bit too strong west for me to feel happy working trees for long and once I was 400 over I pushed back to the west face.

That push didn’t pay off and I ended up sliding down the ridge and eventually landed river side a quarter mile west of the LZ. No worries though it was not a great day to fly and only a few pilots made goal.

The wonderful thing was, however, that CJ B was in the LZ and took me up on my offer of a tandem. I had to admit that it would be my first full on, off the training hill, tandem flight. ( I need 25 or so to get my T3 ). CJ is a rated pilot and I am allowed to fly such folk. The interesting thing is that Pilots understand the challenges of tandem and are rightfully wary of being a passenger with a new T1. Landings and takeoffs have a bit more risk.

On the way up to launch we met Frew on the way down in my truck. Thanks Frewzy – He said he didn’t fly due to the winds which were “Nuken.”

We got to launch and sure enough winds easily 25mph were blowing through. But on launch there were very clear cycles. The wind would blow for 2 minutes then go calm to light for 40 seconds then back to blowing again.

We watch and waited until the pattern was clear, with the intent to launch in the lulls. The plan worked great and we had a lovely flight. The landing was sweet with a strong wind making touch down as simple as pie.

Thanks for trusting me CJ you’re the cats pajamas.

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