Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rest Day

Friday was the day in between and Saturday was official practice for the PWC.

Friday we got up early and did some tandem training. - I got two more flights thanks to Sam C and friends. Then I went home to visit Gail for the day and returned in time for practice launch.

Saturday was one of those days you want to go forever - but we had a meeting at 7:00. The task was set - Butte to Mansfield to Soccer. This out and back about 55k total giving about 100leo points. The day was easy if the timing was right.

I launched late and had no problem skying the Butte in smooth thermals. - We broke for the rim as a crew of 6 and had no problem climbing up to over 8 on the rim. Our crew stayed together and picked up Chris A, who had waited for us, as a leader.

Four or five climbs with wings as markers made Mansfield a cake walk. We tagged the cylinder and headed back. Hear I hit my first sink/down. I got just a little worried till a dusty arrived to save the day. - Back to cloud base which was about 10,000 - 10,500 was top for the day. I had a buddy for that climb and the next glide.

On glide I saw two small dusties disappear and then 45 seconds later one BIG dusty appear. - Hmm. Well that one took me to over 10 again at the power lines and then I picked up the rim thermal to boost again to 8,500.

The soccer field was way down there so I figured I try a top landing at the Butte. I wasn't sure if my truck had been brought down so I hit three trees with 400 to spare and worked easily over launch. Yep the truck was there and I thrashed around in lift from all sides trying to fined a way to set up for landing.

Patricia called up that they had a driver (her) so I didn't have to land. But I wanted to see how it would go and it went fine. My final move was a bit lea side and Thibault called me to push out front which was the right call. - a little side slipping and I set down gently less than 6 inches from where I launched. - Right on launch just below a prepping pilot.

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